Hello There, It's Me!

Hello there everyone, thanks for stopping by!  I thought I better rock up and introduce myself, I am the Jane in Jane Mathers Art, a part time art lecturer and full-time artist, creative and mum.

I spend most days doing the ultimate juggling act, working from my studio at home based in the lovely Northern Ireland countryside and taking care of my two, crazy, tantrum throwing, fiercely determined, but fun loving, hilarious boys.  Every day is unpredictable (isn't it always with kids) and different but that's just the way I like it!

After completing my Textile degree in England and my Masters in Belfast I began to teach, which I love.  I have lectured in the Further Education College area for nearly 10 years now! (Wow that's scary right there) and I still do part-time, as well as running workshops.  However now the majority of my time is spent on my own practice and I am loving every minute of it.  I create both fine art and textile artwork based on the landscape that surrounds me, and I am inspired by everything from the rural to the urban.  

When I'm not creating and living the mum life, I can be found in the nearest coffee shop feeding my addictions: coffee, fashion and interiors. 

Thanks for stopping by you lovely lot and if you like what you see follow me on instagram using the link on my site - I'm a lover of insta!